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"I found the Soy Delites website as I was searching for all natural candles. I am very glad I came across your wonderful store. First of all the shipping was very fast and the candles were packaged nicely. Secondly, the candles are displayed so beautifully in the glass containers. I just love the look! Lastly, the all natural soy candles burn clean and smell so good. I can't wait to try them all! The tealights burn much longer than the average retail store tealight. Thank you for sharing your wonderful candles with the public. I will recommend your candles to everyone I know. From a very satisfied customer! "
Angie of Oakdale, Minnesota

"When I first opened the box they were shipped in all I could think of was, “mmmm… Heavenly! Soy Delites should be called ‘Heavenly Soy Delites’.” It smelled soooo good. I’ve been burning the candles for a total of almost 5 hours now and they still look hardly used. These candles are going to last us a very long time. I give these candles my seal of approval. And I hope you will give them a try too."
Erica of Waterloo, Ontario

"I got my first Soy Delites candle today and I have to say I am very impressed. Not only with the product, but the owners of the company as well. They are so engaged and ready to serve their customer with a great product at a very reasonable price."
Joey of Austin, Texas

"If someone ever says a candle is just a candle, they obviously haven't tried Soy Delites. Not only do they burn beautifully clean, but the fragrances are way more complex then your run-of-the-mill vanilla or berries. A must-have for anyone who appreciates a candle scent that can flirt with the nose deliciously without overwhelming it."
Brandy of Austin, Texas

"I always have Ginger Lemongrass Soy Delites candles on-hand. They're my favorite scent throughout the year and last forever."
Meghan of Austin, Texas

"Soy Delite candles last for so long and smell so good! My favorite would have to be the pumpkin - year round"
Amy of Austin, Texas

"I previously used non soy based candles which left black soot marks on my ceilings and turned my air filters black. But Soy Delites are clean burning and leave my house smelling even more wonderful! I'm hooked!"
Michelle of Austin, Texas

"Yum! They actually smell just as good when they're burning as they do when they're not... Which is sooo not the case with most candles."
Heather of Austin, Texas

"Soy Delites Candles are by far the best candles I have ever burned. They have so many delicious choices to choose from that I spent a good 45 minutes just trying to decide! Soy Delites make great gifts and they are not over priced like most soy candles out there!"
Nicole of Austin, Texas

"I LOVE my lavender Soy Delites candle! They burn smooth, clean, and slow. After I've enjoyed them all up, and the wick is too short to burn, I still keep the jar on my warm stove top so that it still melts and the scent brightens up my kitchen. Good to the last drop!!!"
Melissa of Austin, Texas

"The candles are great!! soooo many smells to pick from. my fav is pumkin with vanilla. clean burning, no black soot into the air. thanks for the great candles!!!"
Teresa of Austin, Texas

"I bought one to test and I fell in love! I keep a drawer full to make sure I don't run out!! I also give them as housewarming (and house-smelling) gifts, for Christmas and birthdays and just because I like somebody -- I ALWAYS get a request on where to get more and I gladly give it! Sometimes, I just keep a couple of the tins sitting around with the lid off to make a room smell better. It smells really good once they're lit, though!!"
Kathy of Houston, Texas

"I absolutely LOVE Soy Delites Candles! I don't have to worry about anything unhealthy in them, and they burn cleanly and smell great. Keep up the good work!"
Carol of Austin, Texas

"WOW! I won this candle 3 days ago and got it today! That was so fast and it smells heavenly! Thanks again!  I bet a few of my friends and family will want to get themselves one! I see they are made right here in Texas too! The gardenia is sweet, cool and crispy!  It really is a make you feel good scent!"
Marcy of Bridge City, Texas

"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful candle accessories you sent along with my recent order.  I thought the gesture was so very nice and definitely made my day :)  I have used them every day and can't imagine ever not having them.  The weather is getting chilly here and your wonderful vanilla and pumpkin scents constantly make my home so cozy."
Jennifer of Lincoln, Nebraska

"I am sitting out on our deck here in Boston enjoying your wonderful candles. It has truly made such a positive impact on my life! I have always been bothered by the smoke created by traditional candles and yours are just amazingly clean burning. I moved from Austin 2 years ago but will continue to buy your candles. They are the only ones I use!"
Karl of Boston, Massachusetts

"I want you to know that your candles are my favorite and that is why I'm sending them out to my friend. I was given one of your tin candles for Christmas and just adore it! It burns forever, it seems. I really appreciate you and your company and will continue to tell those I know."
Kat of Austin, Texas

"Soy Delites tealight candles are wonderful! Not only do the tealights burn clean, they have a strong flame and long burn time. Highly recommend!!!!"
Elizabeth of San Antonio, Texas

"I’m just writing to say how much we enjoy your soy votives. It’s our effort to buy sustainable products locally. Both of us have Asthma and soot is a major concern, your candles burn so clean we are amazed. You make a great product and I’m sure you’ll find success with them."
Byron and Linda of San Antonio, Texas

"My cat has asthma, and because of that I thought I wouldn't be able to burn candles anymore. A veterinarian recommended soy candles, and I found Soy Delites. I love Soy Delite candles, especially Vanilla, and my friends do too! Since I discovered these candles, my cat and I have a great smelling house!"
Mary of Austin, Texas

"There are so many things I love 'best' about Soy Delites candles. They are by far the best smelling candles with the longest lasting scent. They also burn better than other candles, with much less waste. The glass jars are attractive and the scent selection is yummy! I give them as gifts, "My new favorite candle!". The variation in sizes is great too -- I use the tins for travel!"
Sue of Spicewood, Texas

"I bought my first Soy Delite candles in Wimberley and since then I am hooked. I now only burn soy candles. I tell everyone how great your candles are."
Valerie of Iola, Texas

"I looked and looked everywhere for soy candles in Austin. I have smelled many many different ones, and Christy's are the best. Also, you can't beat them for the price. I have found similar soy candles for over 30 dollars each! Soy delites are very affordable. The scent varieties are just great. They burn so clean, and I love that they are safe for the environment, my new home, and children. Even people who think they are allergic like them! Soy candles are great, and Christy's Soy Delites are the best. Thanks Christy!"
Melissa of Austin, Texas

"I love soy candles for not only their fragrances, but for their longevity. I use mine with an electric candle warmer, and they last at least a month-much longer than regular candles. I only use soy candles now! "
Brenda of LaPorte, Texas

"I love the clean burning aspect of soy candles but had problems finding clean smelling fragrances. I was impressed with the scent of your lavender, patchouli and ginger sandalwood. I was skeptical if they would smell as nice burning as they did in the container. I purchased a small container of each to try. To my amazement they were Fantastic!!! They exceeded my expectations! The smell is so natural and carried the scent throughout my home. They burn so clean and not a drop left in the container! The wick stays perfectly centered. The containers are so beautiful and clean so easily. I had never owned a soy candle that did that, until now!!!
I frequently enjoy the company of family and friends in my home. Everyone has commented on the enchanting fragrance your candles exude. I continue to buy them and have given many as gifts. My friends thank me for introducing them to your candles and are enjoying their own favorite fragrances. Thank you for creating such a beautiful experience."
Linda of Austin, Texas

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