scented soy candles

   candle scent throw 3apple crisp - a warm, comforting medley of sweet oven baked apples and spicy notes of rich cinnamon and                 nutmeg. You'll want to take a bite out of this one

candle scent throw 2*bamboo garden - a calming and complex harmony of leafy green stems and soft florals accented with hints of                 bergamot and fresh ozone

  candle scent throw 1 bergamot - a very fresh and crisp citrus scent; same herb used in earl grey tea

   candle scent throw 2bluebonnet - this Texas native has a fresh and delicate floral aroma and is sure to transport you to the Texas                 hill country in springtime when these majestic and beautiful blooms paint the rolling hills blue

candle scent throw 2 * cucumber melon - a cool and crisp pairing of green succulent cucumber and ripe watermelon make this a                 refreshing summer blend

   candle scent throw 2divine delite - (blend of vanilla, sandalwood and citrus) a complexity of sweet and warm citrus notes

   candle scent throw 3eucalyptus mint - clear your mind and refresh your senses with this bright and aromatic blend of invigorating                 eucalyptus and cool peppermint

   candle scent throw 2fresh air - a light and purifying bouquet of lime zest and soft floral notes of iris and violet

   candle scent throw 3fun in the sun - a sweet tropical union of juicy mango, pineapple and peach with creamy coconut

candle scent throw 3* gardenia - our version of this distinctive floral classic is bright and dewey and reminiscent of fresh gardenia                 blossoms in spring

candle scent throw 2* ginger lemongrass - sunny citrus notes accented with spicy ginger create this clean and invigorating                 combination

   candle scent throw 1ginger sandalwood - warm spicy notes of ginger and woody exotic sandalwood come together beautifully in                 this stimulating yet grounding blend

   candle scent throw 1green tea - this soothing aroma consists of citrus essences of bergamot, lemon and lime and herbal notes of                 clary sage and cardamom that will leave you feeling refreshed and energized

   candle scent throw 2hill country christmas - a festive blend of pine, woodsy notes and warm spices - a true holiday favorite

  candle scent throw 2 holiday spice - a perfect blend of the trifecta of warm holiday spices: cinnamon, clove and ginger

  candle scent throw 3jack frost - a crisp, clean peppermint grounded with a touch of eucalyptus and softened beautifully by a hint of                 vanilla

   candle scent throw 3jasmine - a lush and sultry floral aroma blended with a hint of honeysuckle

  candle scent throw 2 lavender - a relaxing and soothing aroma to melt away stress and anxiety

candle scent throw 2 love potion - a special blend of rose, lilac, pomegranate, and lemon that serves as a tonic for the heart and                 mind and is sure to invigorate and rejuvenate your sense of beauty and sensuality

   candle scent throw 3*midnight fig - a complex blend of fruity figs and green apples, layered with a rich woody bouquet of oak and                 velvety cashmere

   candle scent throw 1mint - a stimulating and rejuvenating scent yet subtle and slightly sweet

   candle scent throw 2moonflower - a sensual and nuanced aroma layered with wild violets, lilac, and ivy with smooth musky                 undertones

   candle scent throw 2ocean - a crisp and clean fragrance inspired by warm tropical breezes and bright blue skies

  candle scent throw 1 orange vanilla - this combination of sweet oranges paired wtih rich and creamy vanilla is sure to remind you                 of a favorite summer treat

  candle scent throw 2 patchouli - a sophisticated and robust mélange of indian patchouli and earthy notes of cedarwood, balsam and                 sandalwood

   candle scent throw 1plumeria - a delicate and sweet floral scent

candle scent throw 2* pomegranate - a luscious and exotic harmony of crisp bergamot, tart berries and juicy mango

   candle scent throw 3pumpkin - an intoxicating aroma of freshly baked pumpkin pie with mouthwatering notes of butterscotch,                 clove and nutmeg

  candle scent throw 2 rose - the heart of this aroma is wonderfully realistic and layered with geranium, clove and lily undertones

candle scent throw 2* sandalwood amber - a complex blend of bold masculine mahogany and rich velvety amber that is distinctly
                euphoric and seductive

candle scent throw 3 texas pecan - warm, toasted pecans surrounded by notes of carmelized brown sugar and buttery vanilla. It's                rich and decadent like a quintessential Texas dessert, but with none of the guilt

candle scent throw 3* vanilla- a sweet and nutty Madagascar vanilla with hints of chocolate and buttercream

   * bestseller

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